Project management and engineering support


Throughout the years, our company has fulfilled a significant role in the execution of large-scale engineering projects and proved itself as a company that provides high-quality services and obligations in the field of civil engineering.

Responding to various requests raised in the projects, we have expanded our scope of activities, providing all functionaries, including the project manager, execution engineer, technical office, contract management, accounting, and quantities calculations.

We believe in the continuous presence and deep familiarity with the project’s details. Our company believes in initiating, in actively detecting gaps between plan and execution, providing practical solutions, and monitoring challenges until they are solved.

Our services expanded due to the need for managerial aspects alongside the engineering ones. We are responsible for quantity calculations and submission of partial bills, and ensuring payments for executed work. Our company provides and supervises a document control system for engineering projects, with compliance to the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ standards while ensuring continuous monitoring and control.

Our company provides consultation and assistance for submitting as-made plans and files in the required formats, ensuring compliance to the standard requirements, completing the process, and receiving the client’s objectives.

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